What’s Your Rescue Style?

Whether you’re a jaded veteran or an idealistic newbie in the field of animal rescue, take this revealing quiz to discover your unique rescue style!

I spent last Saturday:

A. Searching a cemetery in a bad part of town for a lost Doberman, last seen trotting through headstones at sundown.

B. Readying a blind Pit mix, an emaciated German Shepherd and an obese Min Pin for an all-day adoption event.

C. Petting puppies at Wayside Waifs.

D. Ironing my KC Pet Project sweatshirt before I go to the shelter to put in 20 minutes of dog walking.

E. Enjoying a spa day with an old friend while we laughed and laughed.

If I saw a dog trying to cross four lanes of traffic on a busy highway to get to a McDonald’s bag, I would:

A. Veer off the road, slam on the brakes and hang out the driver’s window to lasso the dog with a leash – all while calling friends to meet me for a drink later to celebrate saving that dog’s life.

B. Pull over right away and call two friends: One to direct traffic while I try to catch the dog and another to videotape the entire episode for submission to Godvine.

C. Get on Facebook as soon as I got home, pleading with everyone on the rescue pages for someone to please go help that poor dog!

D. Feel bad about it for the rest of the day.

E. Crave a Big Mac and a vanilla shake.

If I had a tail, it would be:

A High and tightly arched over my back, with just the tip jerking quickly back and forth.

B. Wagging constantly.

C. Chased in circles.

D. All puffed up.

E. Docked.

My worst shelter-related injury would have to be:

A. Being dragged down a hill while clutching the leash of a German Shepherd in heat.

B. Frostbite from walking dogs in a sleet storm.

C. A fractured rib from getting into a fist fight with the shelter director.

D. Breaking my fingernail at the gas pump on my way to a gala fundraiser.

E.  Slipping on dog poop while texting.

If I am upset with another person in the rescue community, I work through my issues by:

A. Working even later into the night saving animals.

B. Seeing a skilled therapist.

C. Telling my cat what a bitch that person is while we’re watching Pitbulls and Parolees.

D. Announcing that I am leaving rescue forever.

E. Buying a brand new car and shoes to match.

Now total up your points and find your rescue personality below!

A=10 points; B=8 points; C=6 points; D=5 points; E=1 point

Angry Webcomics

40-50 Points: Bold and Bawdy! You are fearless, fearsome and all-around awesome —  but seriously misunderstood. Rescue Recommendation: Add a feral cat to your pack and seek a deeper understanding of the inner you with a yoga mindfulness meditation class.

30-40 Points: Cocktail Couture! You have credit card debt from too many foster dogs and mysterious stains all over your car seats. Yet you remain hopeful that better days lie ahead. Rescue Recommendation: Get only short-term foster dogs, crack open a bottle of wine and take a hot bath with soothing lavender pillows placed over your eyes.

20-30 Points: Fabulously Forgetful! You have a huge heart but a short memory. Pulling dogs off the urgent list, you get them into rescue or boarding and then forget about paying the veterinary bills or finding them homes. Rescue Recommendation: Forgive yourself, gulp down some Gingko Biloba and start training for a 5K walk or run to sharpen your focus.

10-20 Points: Shelter Chic! Naturally photogenic, you are often glimpsed in the background on television news stories about adoption events. You enjoy expressing controversial opinions on social network pages. Rescue Recommendation: Get on the news to find homes for Fabulously Forgetful’s boarding dogs. Reward yourself with a massage and a pampering pedicure.

Dog fashion show

0-10 Points: Pet Store Petite! Just because you’re not cut out to work in the trenches doesn’t mean you can’t still help animals. Rescue Recommendation: Take a karate class to boost your confidence and organize a group of your spa friends to put on a doggie fashion show to benefit your local animal shelter.

Now that you’ve discovered your true rescue style, get out there into the glamorous world of animal rescue and save some animals while there are still a few left!


About Deb Hipp

Deb Hipp is involved in the Kansas City, Missouri animal rescue community and is a freelance writer.


3 thoughts on “What’s Your Rescue Style?

  1. This is great!!!

    Posted by Katie Lappin | November 5, 2012, 10:30 pm
  2. Love this quiz! I was happy to see I’m not a Pet Store Petite.

    Posted by Allie | November 5, 2012, 10:52 pm
  3. Funny!

    Posted by Caroline | November 6, 2012, 7:24 am

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